is a game theory optimal poker simulation replayer / strategy advisor. It provides you with the optimal play - given the cards you select, for every situation both preflop and postflop.
We've exported the entire preflop strategy for our NL Hold'em solutions to PIO Solver format, which is a popular method for sharing and viewing NL ranges. You will recieve a .zip file containing everything you need to browse the full preflop strategy. This includes the ranges in .txt files sorted by position, and the free PIO Viewer software plus instructions for getting started.
In short, the more often the solver see's a spot during simulations, the more accurate (higher EV) strategy it can calculate. The GTOMETER takes the guess work out of it, and let's you know exactly how much you should trust the solvers advice.

The situation has been solved to a very high accuracy. Be confident the advisor is showing the optimal play.

The situation has been solved to a reasonable accuracy.  The advisor is likely showing the optimal play, keep an open mind.

The situation has been solved to a low accuracy, follow advice with extreme caution.

If the GTOMETER shows RED, one solve will be refunded to your account. works with MonkerSolver, running simulations around the clock - utilizing 100's of CPU cores and terabytes of RAM to solve the most popular poker game formats. Optimal strategies are then saved and made available for you to browse online, from any device.
All of our cash game solutions are based on the rake structure from PokerStars $5 / $10 games, adjusted for 15% rakeback. This works out to around 4% rake, capped at 0.3 big blinds. If your game has a significantly different rake structure, we are able to run private simulations for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.
When running GTO poker simulations, bet size must be set and locked in place. Making your own deviations in strategy based on opponents in game sizing is the most effective way to use any GTO advice.
While it may be counter-intuitive, in most cases more bet size options result in a lower accuracy GTO solution. For this reason, we typically use a maximum of two or three bet sizes at each decision point in the game tree.
In short, yes! For preflop play our goal is to have available the open raise and 3-bet sizing's that are closest to optimal for each game type, stack depth and rake. For postflop play, given the enormous number of possible scenarios it is impossible to implement optimal sizing at every point of the game tree. Instead, for postflop play our goal is to provide bet and raise sizes that depict an accurate representation of real game play.
99 Euro per month for unlimited solves.
Yes! If you have a request, please Contact Us.
If you have any further questions or inquires please click the Contact Us link - found at the bottom of every page.